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Welcome to Moonlight Lashes Inc. Academy and Services

Welcome to Moonlight Lashes Inc. Beauty Service and Alliances My name is Lindsy and I am the owner of Moonlight Lashes Inc. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Honors in Health Management I believe that beauty and mental health have a direct correlation. When we care about our beauty we bring a divine healing within our bodies that medication cannot provide. This is one of my core beliefs. If you have sensitive skin and possible dark circles around your eyes I think I can help! If you are looking to save time in the morning with your make-up application and removal of mascara or filling in your eyebrows, lashes extensions and micropigmentation can help. I offer Eyelash Extension services and Micropigmentation services and along with my allies we are able to bring a variety of beauty services to our lovely clients. Bringing critical thinking approaches to the industry, my priority is the health of the natural body and skin. I pride myself on providing a service that has integrity to the body while enhancing the clients natural beauty. The Beauty industry is unregulated and anyone can claim to know what they are doing! This is not the case and I see that what is trending for eyelashes is not the suitable option for everyone. Not to mention the ‘trends’ can be harmful to the natural eyelash cycle. Please browse the site to see the variety of services we offer and see how something may catch your attention:) Book a Consultation now to see what options are best for you!