Eyelash Extensions Training

We take immense pride in offering comprehensive and professional eyelash training programs meticulously designed to prepare our students for a successful career in the industry. At our institute, we firmly believe in upholding the highest standards and never compromising on the quality of education. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the time and effort we invest in each student. We go above and beyond to ensure that our trainees feel entirely at ease throughout their learning journey. With an extensive curriculum spread over multiple days, we provide ample opportunities for hands-on practice and skill development. Unlike cutting corners for quick results, we believe in fostering a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to sharing their insights and industry secrets, equipping students with the confidence and proficiency needed to excel in their careers. Throughout the training, we prioritize personalized attention, addressing individual strengths and areas of improvement. This approach allows us to tailor our teaching methods and support each student's unique learning pace, ensuring a transformative experience for everyone. By choosing our eyelash training, you are investing in a future that values precision, professionalism, and the art of beauty. Join us, and embark on a fulfilling journey that opens doors to endless opportunities in the thriving world of eyelash extensions. This course comes with the Kit (value of $250.) and approximate 20 hours of in class training. This can be done as a private class or done as a group. Total cost of the course is $1,350.00